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Dr Jason Fox - Gamification Thinker

Dr Jason Fox - Gamification Thinker

Dr Jason Fox is a motivation strategy & design expert. In a world of fluff, hype, and fist-pumping rah-rah, Jason delivers the best of hard-hitting science and contemporary research to shift behaviour, shape culture and make clever happen.

His adventures include working with the senior leaders of multinational organisations (to revolutionise leadership development, performance management and cultural alignment), to the leaders of multi-million dollar projects (to keep things on track and well ahead of the game).

Jason is the author of The Game Changer – a book that shows leaders how to use motivation science, gamification and agile management to drive progress and build for the future of work.

When not liberating the world from poorly designed processes and work, Jason enjoys partaking in extreme sports like reading, coffee snobbery and fruit ninja.

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